What Is a Learning Management System?

Online learning is a booming industry around the world, offering students a fantastic way to learn in their own time and at their own pace.  Each company offering online training will use some form of learning management system in order to monitor the learning of students, provide access to the training materials and often assess students’ learning.  But what exactly is a learning management system?

LMS or learning management systems are often the main interface the student logs into when they wish to complete their course.  This gives them a virtual portal where they can access the course materials, training notes, tests and assessments.  These learning management systems often offer the user a chance to interact with the other students taking the course, with chat facilities and sometimes video interaction with expert tutors.

The main benefits of having a user friendly learning management system means that the student can easily access the course and learn more effectively.  It is important that the LMS serves the user as well as the course provider, as it is the first port of call for accessing the course.