Tips for A Successful Job Interview

Job interviews can be really stressful, and often seem like the biggest hurdle when applying for a new job.  With our tips, you will be confident and ready to attack the interview and score a great new job!

  1. Check all the details – when you are invited for interview, make sure you triple check the details such as the time, location and any other important things about the interview.  Check if the company require you to bring anything with you, such as evidence of your education, career specific courses or a portfolio of your work.  If you forget to bring something or arrive at the wrong time, you will quite possibly jeopardise your whole interview!
  2. Dress smartly – it is true that we really do rely on a first impression when making decisions, so if you dress smartly (even if it seems too smart!) your interviewer will assume you are confident and prepared.  If you look scruffy, wear inappropriate clothes like jeans or trainers, you are unlikely to be taken seriously.
  3. Research – make sure you know some key facts about the company you are interviewing with.  They may throw in some questions which rely on you knowing a bit about them.  Knowing a few key stats such as their purpose and aims, what the history of the company is and who the main names are will stand you in good stead.