The Different Learning Styles and How They Affect Your Studies

There are thought to be three main learning styles in education, the visual learners, the auditory learners and the kinesthetic learners.  It is important to have an understanding of which learning style suits you best so that you can maximise your study power from day one!  Here are some characteristics for each learning style.  See if you can fit yourself into any of these categories!

Visual Learning:  you prefer watching a demonstration and seeing pictures, images, videos and graphs.  You often colour code your study notes and use coloured note paper to help you organise your thoughts.  You like to sit near the front of the class so you always have a good view of the teacher and the board!

Auditory Learning:  you like to sit back and listen to explanations, discussions and debates.  You often record your lessons so you can listen back to them.  Sometimes you seem to be zoned out during class, when in fact you are listening carefully!  You should discuss your learning with your peers to get the most from your lessons.

Kinesthetic Learning:  you prefer to get on and do a task, anything using your hands is good!  Instead of watching and listening, you like to experiment and find solutions to problems yourself.  Good activities for you to learn involve making things, role play and acting out scenarios.