Pirates Of The School Gym Learn Lessons In Moderation

There are some things that just cannot be taught online – absolutely not.  These include almost all sports.  It is pretty obvious that online lessons in rugby, soccer, netball, hockey etc etc. cannot possibly convey the information, enthusiasm, experiences of a proper professionsl teacher.  I remember at school, on very rainy or wintery days, we were not allowed out to play team games – I’m sure it was more to do with teaching staff comfort than health and safety of the pupils!  However, we were all herded into the massive school gymnasium for the exciting & exhilarating or terrifying torure of Pirates.  This was a fast moving team game needing the best gym students to hare round the usual huge equipment before the other team – a kind of ‘tag’ with much shrieking and yelling.  It’s true that you could look up the ‘rules’ online, wouldn’t take long – the only one was ever ‘No Killing the Other Team’ !