From Manual Typewriters To Hourly IT Innovations

It is amazing to think of the changes in the world of commerce and business administration over the last half century.  When I first started out at work there was just the beginnings of electric typewriters.  Previously we had the ‘sit up and beg’ style of typewriter with banks of keys and a hand thrust carriage return placing document to the start of the next line, carefully calibrated to ensure accurate spacing.  The ribbons were invariably red and black, particularly for those typists involved in preparation of accounts – red generally signalling negative, problematic issue, warning as it were!  Changes were slow and it took years before the electric models became the norm, to be supersceded by ‘memory’ typewriters in the late 1970s.

We are bombarded with innovations daily – keeping the workforce fully trained in all aspects of IT and all it’s wider world is paramount for the business world to keep turning.