End Of Year Reflection On Personal Development

Ah the happy sounds of packing away of all the Christmas and New Year festival stuff – funny how we so look forward to this time of year.  Well some sections of the community do, I get less enchanted with the whole fuss and hullaballoo every year.  There seems to be no time for reflection on our life’s lessons, what can we contribute to the world around us, except to spend and eat.  Lessons could be learnt here!   It’s the over enthusiastic commercial highwa robbery that really upsets my senstivities.

this time of year does make us all sit back and wonder wher life is slipping to – it’s an excellent time to check up on our own career training, do we need to update our personal development achievments.  Can we make a difference to our own work or that of the department by taking up more training opportunities?  Online courses offer so much these days and are there for the taking.